The Environmental and Natural Resources CDE is a judging event that is designed to foster cooperation and teamwork and provide a natural resource education experience for participants. The event is organized by the University of Idaho Rangeland Center, in cooperation with the College of Natural Resources and the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, who make these study materials available. The purpose of this event is to promote natural resource education in a manner that succeeding generations will be more environmentally literate, with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding the environment.

The Idaho contest consists of these elements:

1. Objective Written Exam
2. Identification of Material
3. Individual Practicums:

  • Environmental Analysis
  • GPS Location
  • Water Analysis (even years)
  • Soils Practicum (odd years)


Participants will demonstrate their knowledge of:

  • The effect individual actions have on environmental problems.
  • The interactions and interdependencies of our environment.
  • Current environmental issues.
  • The agencies available to assist in resource protection matters.
  • The need to become environmentally aware and action oriented adults.