GPS Location

GPS Scorecard | Scoring Rubric
Example Site Map

Participants will receive a map with points of interest. The score sheet will list 10 locations in longitude and latitude.

Using the map and satellite locations, participants must match up the flagged points in the field with the coordinates listed on their scorecard (in latitude and longitude). Each flagged point will be numbered and students will record the number next to the corresponding coordinates on the scorecard. Participants will continue examining flagged points until the appropriate point number for each location on the scorecard is determined.
Note – There will be several “dummy” flag points that will not correspond to those listed on the scorecard.

NOTE: GPS units should be set to read latitude and the datum set to NAD83. Students can use their own GPS units or one will be provided. Locations will be given in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS). For example: 46° 43′ 52.9″ N and 117° 00′ 52.6 ” W. Participants must know how to read longitude and latitude numbers.

Selecting a Local Study Site – Information to help choose a local site to help participants practice GPS coordinates. – New!


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