Water Quality Analysis

For background material, please refer to the event guide posted on the Event Info page.
Scorecard | 2016 WQ rubric

Students will determine the concentration of oxygen and nitrates and determine water temperature and pH. Next, they will indicate if the water quality is suitable for a situation or organism(s) identified at the site. Then they indicate any potential limiting factors and explain ways the water quality can be improved.

For state event: A dissolved oxygen (DO) meter will be used (model YSI 85) and instruction will be provided. Students will measure pH using a handheld meter (Hach Pocket Pal tester) that will be provided. Temperature will be measured using a standard alcohol thermometer. Nitrate will be measured using the Hach test kits Product #:1408100

For those interested in purchasing a kit to study with, the practicum organizer, Dr. Frank Wilhelm, recommends the Hach surface water test kit Product #:2559833 to prepare for the state event. Although the testing kit contains tests not included in the ENR event, they could be used in a variety of supplemental field labs.